Singers Male

Martin Mulders

Being a young performer, Martin has had the privilege to perform many different roles in musicals such as My Fair Lady (Freddy Eynsford-Hill), 3 Musketeers (Conférencier/James), A Christmas Carol (Timmy Cratchit), Lucky Stiff (Harry Witherspoon) 1953 the Musical (Jannes Sturm), Jesus Christ Superstar (Annas), Scrooge (2nd Ghost) and in many different shows of the successful Thomas the Tank Engine Theatre Tour (Cecile Steamwhitle WP, Clown Cuffy and Conductor Ted)
His passion for the performing arts takes him throughout a big part of Europe and doesn’t stop with just being a singer/actor. Martin also likes to create himself.
As a costume designer he dressed multiple concerts and theatre shows such as Rent and 3 Musketeers.

His passion for performing arts has also resulted into the creation of World of LUDIQUE!.
He writes, dresses and performs modern theater pieces, extraordinaire moderations and unique concerts all over the Netherlands.

As a voice actor he is known in the Netherlands for his role of Jude Sharp in Inazuma Eleven on Disney XD and for creating the character of Jul, the mouse which is the mascot of the popular theme park Julianatoren. Jul has his own theater shows, cd’s, dvd’s and his own daily series on RTL Telekids.