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Moritz Mausser

Moritz Mausser was born in Vienna, Austria, and was introduced to theatre early in life by watching children’s plays at Stadttheater Baden with his grandmother or other musicals with his close family.

Throughout his teenage years he had already discovered his passion for performing, joining the musical theatre company „teatro“ for over 10 years. This musical theatre company for teens creates new original musicals every summer. Through this, Moritz gained a lot of experience in performing as a soloist and creating roles from the ground up. Some of his notable roles include King John in „Robin Hood“, the Mad Hatter in „Alice in Wonderland“, and Miss Rottenmeier (a female role) in „Heidi“.

2020 Moritz started to study musical theatre at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK), where he was part of the university productions of „Elegies“ and „Pippin“.

He won first prize for his portrayal of the Mad Hatter in „Alice in Wonderland” at the Papageno Awards 2019. Moritz also won the Walter Jurmann singing and interpretation competition in 2021.

Moritz Mausser made his professional debut in the semi-concertante production of ELISABETH in front of Castle Schönbrunn in Vienna in July 2023 followed in October 2023 by  the Vienna world premiere of „Rock Me Amadeus“, a musical about Austrian popstar „Falco“, in which he plays the leading role.

When he is not on stage he enjoys gaming, 3D printing and annoying his friends and loved ones with terrible puns.